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Dear friend who wants success with the ladies,

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This year I've received no less than 200 emails from attendees asking for more events, more coaching, more seminars, and access to some of the 40+ recordings of past presentations we have in our archives. 

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  • See a woman you want to talk to and approach her - You’ll have no hesitation, no missed opportunities, and no “I wish I talked to her” feeling of regret
  • Get the skill and the game-plan so you can go out and meet new women when you want... you’re no longer helplessly waiting for your friends to introduce you to a woman or get lucky on online dating
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  • Get life-long confidence around women - you’ll get a rock-solid gameplan and learn confidence-boosting secrets (and when you are confident around women you’re more confident in life PERIOD!)
  • Get more dates and get laid more and get hotter women interested who wouldn’t have been interested before

And much more!

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You will get FASTER results, and a simple step-by-step program to get success. And you’ll get to share war stories with me, Craig Miller, and our top members and world-famous guest speakers... all of whom you’ll soon know on a first-name basis and will be hanging out with.

So here’s what I’ve got planned for you for the next 12 months to get you in KILLER dating shape so that by the end of this members-only program you’ll feel unstoppable, and will be able to look back at how far you've come with great satisfaction. Here's everything you're going to get this year...

  • Free access to 24 full-length seminars per year taught by Craig Miller and top experts invited from around the world to speak and share their secrets ($600 Value)
  • Bonus private coaching with Craig Miller - I’ll be around to answer your toughest questions, guide you through anything you’re stuck on, and show you the secrets I’ve learned with over 7 years of learning dating skills under my belt ($300 Value)
  • Free access to over 40 recorded seminars plus never-before-seen behind the scenes interviews... I hand picked the absolute BEST seminars for you in the history of the Gotham Club ($1,200 Value)
  • Free access to the biggest event of the year in New York City... the 2012 Dating Conference, featuring workshops, in-field training, and 20 of the best speakers giving their best advice and newest discoveries of the year ($500 Value)
  • Exclusive invitations to clubs, private social events and parties... hang out with me and the most experienced guys in the group, see us in action, and go to parties where you will have a chance to meet hot women, practice your game, and hookup
  • Free 30 minute evaluation with to identify your goals and make a gameplan, one-on-one with head coach Craig Miller ($200 Value)

This is going to be A LOT of fun. As you can see this is not just an advanced course but it’s an insider’s only club for like-minded men who are serious about dating. It’s an opportunity for you to get connected with and learn from the top experts in New York City and who visit from around the world... and it’s going to be a close group of guys who go out together and get special privileges, access to special information, and access to private parties.

Never Before Released Video Footage

When you register you'll start getting access to multiple recordings a week from the never-before-released archives... and I've hand picked the absolute best seminars and behind-the-scenes interviews for you. You'll get to see the absolute best secrets every revealed at the Gotham Dating Club from experts like Richard La Ruina, Vin Dicarlo, Julian Foxx, Brad P., Adam Lyons, Wayne Elise AKA Juggler, Ross Jeffries, David Wygant (the original "Hitch") Penthouse Pet Ryan Keely on sex techniques that drive women wild, DJ Fuji, Jordan Harbinger (from SiriusXM Radio and the Art of Charm), Daniel "Sex God" Rose, David Shade, Justin Wayne, Glenn P., Joshua Pellicer from The Tao of Baddass, Vince Kelvin, Rob Judge, Magic, Christian Hudson, Nick Sparks, celebrity stylist Erin Stelzer, and much more...

And you'll learn step-by-step how to master the skills you want from world-famous experts on the subject... all of which I've personally evaluated and approved of. Remember, I'm only sharing with you the absolute best secrets I've collected over the past 3 years.

This is an annual program billed month

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This is an annual 12-month membership program billed monthly but you are under no obligation to stay the entire year and you may cancel your membership any time you wish for a small one-time cancellation fee of $27.

As a man who was in his 20’s and had never even KISSED a woman, I can’t even begin to tell you how important a strong support group of skilled and supportive men is and how far it will go towards getting you what you want, while making some incredible life-long friendships along the way.

But I can't make this decision for you. Only you can.

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To an exciting, abundant dating life,

Craig Miller

Below Are Testimonials for Just Some of The Videos Featured In This Great Package...

"One of the best experiences I've had in my life..."
This is one of the best experiences I've had in my life. Hearing all the personal journeys that the presenters have been on really helped me change how I look at women 360 degrees.

I feel like I am part of that journey too. We all find ourselves in this great course coming from different paths.
- Brian Ortiz, Manhattan, New York

"I completely stopped using all the lame pickup lines"
This course will really help you get real and go back to who you really are - the authentic you. I completely stopped using all the lame pickup lines I've been using and the games and the crap like that.

There are so many fake guys out there who lie about who they are or what they do, and I always knew there was a way to get girls to want YOU for YOU.

The 3rd speaker on the series was the best. He really made me feel like it's ok with who you are - you can be who you are and still succeed and you don't need pressure on yourself to act like someone else.
- Alister Walters, Blue Creek, Ohio

"He came and annihilated!"
My favorite speaker was BY FAR Adam. He just came in and annihilated... well I don't want to say annihilated, but he will totally reframed all your beliefs about what it takes to get a girls interest.
- Alister Walters, London, England

"Like a bag of skittles..."
This course is like a bag of skittles, different flavors but all of them are good.

New perspectives from every expert - some people say being up front with women is the best some people say being indirect is better, and this course is good because it lets me decide what works well with my personality, and that's definitely a good thing
- Ryan Miller, San Francisco, California

"I've Dropped the 'Nice Guy' thing for life!"
The 5th speaker will really speak out to you, because he gives a "take it or leave it attitude."

He said, "if this doesn't work for you then don't do it" and "try this instead." You'll find what he reveals makes A LOT of good sense. I've dropped the nice guy thing for life.
- Steven A. Roberts, South Beach, Florida

"The course was just incredible..."
The course was packed - make sure you have a notepad because this is full of really killer advice that I am absolutely certain will get anyone laid A TON more.

I did OK before... but I this is going to driving my sex life through the roof.

The last presenter... all I can say is WOW. The course was just incredible.
- Greg Chen, Hong Kong, China

"It's only been ONE HOUR and it's already working!"
I've just watched one module of this course so far and this guy is the Tim Duncan of picking up women! He is the "Mr. Fundamentals" he really focuses on improving by MAXIMUM results with the least effort possible. It's genius.

I didn't actually believe you could get start getting laid and meeting WAY more girls just by adding in one or two magic phrases.
- Nikolai Gorobov, Brooklyn, New York

"You have to try this one..."
Adam's advice on getting laid the same day you meet her was such a gem of advice.

If there is a video store or a cafe anywhere near a girls house who you're dating, and you're interested in having sex, well then you have to try this one!

Thanks making these insider trade secrets available to "Average Joe" guys like me!
- Robert Weiss, Toronto, Canada

"Worth Every Single Penny"
This course is very different from the typical "pick up artist" perspective.

You will learn so many useful tips and techniques that you can literally walk outside and use immediately on the next woman you see.

I couldn't ask for anything more than that!

This advice is practical, useful, and extremely effective - and I thought I'd see just about everything at the age of 42.

The course was worth every single penny.
- Seth Bryant, Detroit, Michigan