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"I Have No Less Than 5 Women Pursuing Me"

"Things are going incredibly well far beyond expectations. I have no less than 5 women pursuing me (yes pursuing me). Even my hairdresser was hitting on me. It's hard to believe. Thank you for your help. It's amazing how projecting confidence and decisiveness (and having a well organized game plan) can make such a difference."

- Chris P, Buffalo, New York

"I Feel Like a New Born Man The Next Day"

"Four stars! I have no anxiety or sweaty palms any more around women! I basically feel like a new born man after my training. When I go out with Craig we get make good progress and make very good use of our time."

- Ryan C., Queens, New York

"You Can't Get Better Training Than This"

"I worked with 2 other recognized dating coaches in NYC and that made Craig look even better. He is not only good dating (as he demonstrated many times) but he is also a good person and he cares for his students. Overall you can't get better training than this."

- Brent E., Manhattan, New York

Gotham Club In The Media
  • New York Times

    "learn the finer points of attracting women..."

  • AM New York

    "It's amazing how many men [in the club] are highly successful but want an edge on dating...the appeal of this shouldn't be a shock."

  • Gothamist

    " historic gathering of the greatest minds of our generation, sharing and consolidating their considerable knowledge for one intense tutorial and intellectual debate about the finer points of cruising for women"